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Wifi Hacking

<!--Whatever I am teaching though this blog is for educational purposes only! I am not promoting any kind of piracy or security breaches. Please perform all the activities on your own network. Lets get started : ) -->
Let's understand what is the need of wifi hacking. We need a different network to perform some attacks, using other’s wifi can help in keeping your identity hidden, it is one of the step of anonymity. Getting access to a wifi can give informations about the other connected devices, it has many other uses, but what people use it for is to get free access to internet lol.
A Wifi adaptor which can be switched to monitor modeUNIX based OS (*i am using Kali Linux, tools are mentioned below )Victims wifi
That’s it! We are ready to get free internet ^_^
Plug in your wifi adapter into your kali machine, open your terminal and put the command ‘ifconfig’, it will give your IPaddress and some other informations, if you connected your wifi adapter correctly then …

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